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Merchandise pre orders for the trial are open now!

Order now and pick up at the trial with no shipping charges.
There will be NO inventory at the trial!


T shirts - white - $20 S-XL (add $2 2XL, add $3 3XL)

Long sleeve shirt - white - $25 S-XL (add $2 2XL, add $3 3XL)

Hoodie - grey - $35 S-XL (add $3 2XL, add $4 3XL)

To place an order please send payment via PayPal to

In the notes please provide your order info, type of shirt(s) and size.

If you will need shipping please specify and provide mailing address and an extra $8.00


Pre orders due by March 8th. Anything ordered after will not be available for pick up at trial and will be subject to shipping charges.

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