Helpers for the 2019 Regional Championship

Daniel Heldreth - IGP 1 & 2


My name is Dan Heldreth, I am currently a member and training

director of Central PA Schutzhund Club.  I would like to thank the

Region for the opportunity to work some of the event this year.  In 

the past I have worked the following events.


  • 2010 Malinois Nationals IPO 1's and 2's

  • 2011 Southeast Regionals Front Half

  • 2012 Southeast Regionals Front Half

  • 2013 Northeast Regionals IPO 1's and 2's

  • 2014 Northeast Regionals IPO 1's and 2's 

  • 2015 Sieger Show Back Half

  • 2016 Sieger Show Back Half

  • 2017 Southeast Regionals Front Half

  • 2017 Sieger Show Back Half

  • 2018 USCA National Breed show Back Half

I would like to wish all the competitors at this years Regional good luck!

Olu Floyd - IGP3 Front Half

I started working dogs with my dad when I was 10 years old. Since then, I’ve done many club trials.  I competed in my first regional trial at the age of 15 and competed again at 16.
I competed in the USA nationals at the age of 16 and received an SG overall score.  I helped to prepare several dogs for the USA National WUSV and the FMBB World Championship.  I am grateful for the honor of being chosen as this year’s front half regional helper. 

I wish everyone good luck!

Thank you,
Olu Floyd 

Mark Saccoccio - IGP3 Back Half

Hello my friends in dog sport! My name is

Mark Saccoccio and I have been selected to work

the back half at this years USCA Northeast

Regional Championship. Let me first begin by

thanking our region for this opportunity. It is an

honor to be trusted with such an important job.

I started in dog sport about 16 years ago and it

has consumed a large portion of my life since. I

have been fortunate to have had great dogs and

great mentors throughout my dog sport journey

thus far.

Some of my accomplishments as a handler include:


2008 USCA South Central Regional Champion

2008 AWDF National Champion

2008 USCA North American Champion

2008 FCI World Championship – 5th Place overall – High Tracking 100 points

2009 USCA WDC – 2nd Place and 5th place

2009 USCA Nationals – 5th Place – High female

2010 USCA North West Regional Champion

2015 USCA North East Regional Vice Champion

2015 USCA Nationals – 5th Place

2016 WUSV Qualification Trial – 5th Place – High Obedience

2016 WUSV USA Team Member


I have been a certified USCA helper since 2006. Since that time I have been the training helper for many dogs ranging from club level dogs to world level competitors. I also regularly help some of our countries top competitors get their dogs ready before championship trials. I have coached countless handlers in all 3 phases and know the amount of time and commitment it takes to reach the point where you are feeling good enough about your training to enter the regional championship.  I know the highs and lows of this journey we take with our dogs and our teams and I do not take this lightly. My promise to all of this years competitors is that I will do everything in my power to be fair and consistent and give every dog a chance to earn 100 points. Most importantly I will do my best to make sure every dog leaves the field in the same condition they came on. I wish all of you the best of luck and I look forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones at this years championship. It is great that we have 4 helpers from our region working this years championship.  Happy training! See you in October!

Alternate: Bill Viebahn

My name is Bill Viebahn, I am a Regionally classified helper in both USA and GSDCA.  I have been training in the Schutzhund sport since 2001 and have been a past president of the Upper Bucks Schutzhund Club.  After a break from training for a few years, I have entered back into the sport and train regularly.  I have visited several clubs and been at several events over the years to volunteer my helper work.  Though this is my first time being selected as a helper at a Regional Championship, I have extensive helper experience, I’ve been a helper in 14 Schutzhund Trials, including 2 breed surveys.

I would like to wish all the competitors at this years Regional Championship the best of luck!