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David Caruso

First off, Thank you to North Jersey SchH & Police Assoc. for hosting the 2023 North East Regionals.  My name is David Caruso and I am excited and honored to be at this years North East Regional Championship as one of the three selected helpers.  I look forward to seeing everyone and wish all competitors a great trial!



2020 New England Regional IGP3 Front Half

2021 South East Regional IGP1+2

2021 New England Regional IGP1+2

2022 AWMA North Regional IGP3 Front Half


2023 NE Regional Selected

2023 New England Regional Selected 

Ray Harris


My name is Ray Harris. I am the training Director for my club Alpha and Omega Working Dog Club located in NJ. I started out in the sport of Schutzhund as a competitor in 2009 with my American Bulldogs. From then on, I grew to love the sport so much as a competitor that I wanted to learn to become a helper. In 2014, I met my mentor John Bochenek of Metro-Detroit Schutzhund Club in Milan Michigan. I spent months of training with John to learn the mechanics of helper work. In 2015 I was given the green light to classify at Metro-Detroit Schutzhund club helper seminar.  After becoming classified as a helper, i started doing helper work for multiple local clubs. In 2016, I started Alpha and Omega Working Dog Club  under USCA which is open to all breeds. Since starting the club and being the trial helper, it has opened doors to doing other clubs trial helper work ( AWMA Tri-State IGP Working Dog Club and Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club). With the amount of Dogs added in my helper book, I was able to move up in classification. In 2021, I classified as a regional helper with The Helper Academy. In 2021, i was also selected for the front half of The Mid-Central Regionals. Since then, i have now done 6 Regionals with more to come.

I have a goal to become a successful national level helper and competitor.

Rod Davis


I am an established K9 trainer/National helper with over 20 years experience in working dog sports.  I am also a GSDCA National Certified Helper, DVG Certified Helper, a USCA Regional Helper and the training director for Central Virginia Sch. Club.  By trade I'm an IT Computer Engineer. As a certified helper I have worked numerous championships, regional, club trials and specialty breed working events. Throughout my training career I've been very influential in the training and titling of several breeds of dogs such as the Bouvier, Malinois, GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler, and APBT, some to national titles.  I am very grateful to all who have supported me and am looking forward to a great regional event.

- National Level DVG Helper


- National Level GSDCA Helper


- USCA Regional Level Helper


- Selected Front Half Helper for GSDCA 2017 Nationals


- Selected Helper for IGP Breed Survey at 2018 GSDCA Nationals


- Selected Helper for IGP Breed Survey at 2019 GSDCA Nationals


- Selected Back Half Helper for DVG 2020 KG North Championship


- Selected Front Helper for the 2021 GSDCA Nationals


- Selected Back Half for KG North 2022 Regional Championship


-Selected as a Helper for the 2023 USCA Northeast Regional Championship 


- Performed Helper work in numerous club trials for DVG, GSDCA, and USCA

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